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Plus Nigeria’s largest combined new issue & liability management $400 million offer and Grit Real Estate secure Africa’s Largest syndicated…
Dear Africa Finance Review Reader, In today’s This week in Africa Finance a roundup of interesting news, trends, and dealmaking: AfdB agrees two Trade…
Also Egypt's valU acquires Paynas and Kenya’s Central Bank is seeking to raise US$41 Million.
Also, Kenya’s KCB Group acquires Trust Merchant Bank, IFC's loan to leading South Africa providers of residential mortgages provider.
Also, Impresa Capital acquires Gumtree South Africa,Cathy AfricInvest Innovation Fund( CAIF) records major fund closure.
Also Abu Dhabi-based Agthia Group acquires 60% of Egypt-based Auf Group, Nigeria's Moove, secures US$20 million financing facility.
British International Investment (BII) new $200m investment,Fido's $30 million funding round
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